The key to a better life for the 166,000 Americans who live with Spina Bifida is research. The goals are to develop better treatment, better understanding of causes, and new ways to prevent Spina Bifida.

Despite the impact of Spina Bifida on individuals, families, society, and the nation, sadly, little research has been conducted on the many components of this complex birth defect. For some of the conditions associated with Spina Bifida, treatment options are limited. For others, they are practically nonexistent.

Because Spina Bifida manifests itself as a number of conditions, it is unlike any other disability. While some conditions are primarily associated with Spina Bifida, others are common to other kinds of disabilities. In these areas, research conducted by the Spina Bifida Community will reach beyond those who live with Spina Bifida and will benefit thousands and perhaps millions of people